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All your experiences are valid.

They speak of why you are the way you are

Are you looking for support around things that have been difficult for you lately?

I am a qualified and professional counsellor, with validated and accredited experience of working with clients in a trauma informed way, which includes anxiety and depression; traumatic past experiences; abuse and adverse childhood experiences; family estrangement (of which I have a lived experience of) and family patterns and other relationships; dissociation; work or college stresses; struggles with identity and life purpose; bereavement and chronic grief, and so much more.

When you find yourself going through a hard time, you may feel confused and disorientated. You might spend your time trying to figure out feelings of unhappiness, destructive behaviours and repeated patterns in relationships.

Maybe you have unexplained symptoms like panic attacks, or difficulty sleeping at night, or a lack of motivation and satisfaction at work. You can feel stuck and things you took pleasure in now seem pointless and hard work.

I have a wealth of experience and will work through these feelings with you to figure out what is behind them.

Enquire for availability for face to face appointments in the centre of Gosport.

Kathy Ellis BA (hons) first class (Accredited) BACP Registered Member Number: 382637

Trained to work with trauma; dissociation and DID; disorganised attachment, and shame.

I also work with trainees.

Recognised therapist for BUPA.

I am fully insured, DBS checked, and registered with the ICO for GDPR.

Fees are £50 and session length is 50 minutes

What do you need to start to explore those difficulties affecting your life?

I have experienced my own journey through therapy. Relationships, health, work, or bereavement. For you it may be trauma, anxiety, stress or depression. From my own counselling, I am aware that the journey into therapy can present challenges such as choosing the right therapist or affordability of time and money. Coming to counselling takes courage, resilience, and commitment. In return counselling provides the right conditions to access your own ability to grow, change and determine your own way forward. I am committed to your goal of considering new things, taking some risks and experience a new way of being.

Coming to counselling is a step you will not regret. Counselling can be life changing and is for everyone.

When you choose to come to counselling, you are opting for trust, belief, and hope for yourself. Once we begin the process of getting to know each other to create a safe and contained relationship, you can reach clear explanations of why you are the way you are, and why you live your life the way you do.

This might mean an acceptance of the truth, even if that is difficult. Oftentimes your own solutions arise naturally. Either way, there becomes a desire to create something positive and meaningful for yourself. 

I have a comfortable and inspiring space free from distractions, intrusion, and interruption. It is a helpful space to feel relaxed and open about all your experiences. I guarantee confidentiality.

It is an environment to facilitate hope, possibility, and resilience for growth.

My style of counselling is Humanistic, and that means all your experiences are valuable and valid, and the safe space offered and the empathic relationship we build together permits you to explore and make sense of your experiences in your own way and without judgement.

Counselling aims to get you to understand and overcome the things that bring emotional pain and discomfort. You have the opportunity to explore and make sense of it all in your own way and without judgement. We will work together so that you can arrive at what you want as an outcome.

Talk about problems

You are willing to talk about what is on your mind. This may be difficult at first, but it is essential if you are to gain from coming to counselling. This does not always mean going over past events in detail, but rather talking about how those events impact you today.

Open to new ideas

Open to exploring new ideas and perspectives. I may challenge your thinking, and ask you to look again at the situation, so that you may see things in a new way.

Start the journey today of being curious about your experiences, and wondering what it would be like to try a different way of being.

Willing to change

Willing to make changes. You will need to be ready to put in the work to make the changes you want for yourself.

With increased awareness of what is going on for you and how you are responding, you will naturally be drawn towards trying things differently.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to start counselling is up to you. If you are looking for a small change, or a bigger shift in your life, therapy can be a helpful way to explore your difficulties and guide you towards positive choices.

Is it worth the investment?

My clients have said that they find relief in the opportunity to speak impartially , empathically and without a response that suggests a solution. At the end of their therapy clients have said they found the experience beneficial and helpful in bringing about changes in their lives. I have witnessed improvements in mood and demeanour within a few sessions, and life changing decisions at the end of therapy.

You are your best asset. You are worthy of the investment of professional and safe support to overcome whatever is making you feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

Fees are £45 and session length is 50 minutes.

The current financial situation

You might be put off by the idea that counselling can be a long-term financial commitment. That does not need to be true.

How you take your counselling is up to you. You can state a specific number of sessions at the outset to be more aligned to your budget. Or you can choose the frequency and flexibility of your sessions. You may prioritise what you want to work on and stay focussed on that within just a few sessions. Even one session can be beneficial for some. Some clients have opted for counselling as a lifestyle choice, returning only at the point of needing it.

What are the benefits of counselling?

Counselling can offer a number of benefits, including:

Improved mental health - Counselling can help you to manage your mental health such as anxiety, depression, or trauma.

Increased self-awareness - Counselling will help you to understand yourself better and to develop healthier strategies for living your life. To create new perspectives and improved reality.

Improved relationships - Counselling can help you to improve your relationships with your family, friends, work colleagues and partners.

Increased productivity - Therapy can help you to increase your productivity at work or college.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to come to counselling is a personal one.

If you are worried and anxious I encourage you to consider counselling as an option. It may be the best investment you ever make.

I would also add that counselling can be a long-term commitment for some people, but it is not necessarily a lifelong one. For you it might be short-term or a one off; spaced apart or as you need it. The amount of time you spend in counselling will depend on your individual needs and goals. Coming to therapy for any period of time is a valuable investment for life.

If you are still unsure I recommend that you request an initial appointment and give counselling with me a try.

There is no obligation to continue after the initial session if it doesn’t feel right for you.

Get in touch

Upon initial inquiry I assure you of my warmest welcome and a immediate response. After we have agreed an initial appointment, I will provide you with more details of how counselling with me works so you know what to expect.

I will collect very brief background information about what brings you to counselling and what you would like to work towards as an outcome. At the beginning of the first session, we will explore any outstanding questions and concerns you may still have, after which, at your own pace, the work begins.

I assure you of my best attention at all times and I warmly welcome your enquiry,


All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.

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