Working together

What do you need to start to explore those difficulties affecting your life?

I have a firm belief that you know how to take care of yourself and you can make your own decisions. You can, with the right conditions, access your ability to grow, change and determine your own way through and forward. I am committed to your goal of considering new things, taking some risks and experience a new way of being.

I have experienced my own journey through therapy. Relationships, health, work or bereavement. Whenever feelings have overwhelmed and the answer to life’s problems have been vague, I turned to counselling for support. I am aware that the journey into therapy can be alarming, terrifying, exciting and tiring. Even contemplating having counselling has its own challenges. Entering therapy takes courage, resilience and commitment.

It is a step you will not regret. Counselling can be life changing and is for everyone.

When you choose to come to counselling, you are opting for the gift of trust, belief, and hope for yourself.  Once you and I begin the process of getting to know each other to create a safe and contained relationship between us (this alone can be a life changing experience), and you can reach crystal clear explanations of why you are the way you are, and why you live your life the way you do.

This might mean an acceptance of the truth, and oftentimes your own solutions arise naturally.

Either way, there becomes a desire to create something positive and meaningful for yourself. 

I have a comfortable and inspiring space in the privacy of my own home. Overlooking my small garden we are free from distractions, intrusion and interruption. Together we will create the relationship you need to be expressive, in confidence and with trust. My clients have said it is a relaxing and safe space that provided the opportunity to reflect and consider experiences. It is an environment to facilitate hope, possibility and resilience for your growth. As well as traditional talking therapy, we can work together creatively and expressively in whatever way feels comfortable for you. For my own wellbeing I use art, writing and poetry. Could this be a potential for you to access unspoken thoughts and feelings?