Understanding Your Eating

It is my pleasure to integrate disordered eating into my practice. Disordered eating is from the lens of overeating, controlled eating, and binge eating. 

Does this sound like your pattern of eating? 

I have been drawn to this work as a common theme emerged from working with my clients.  On top of the emotional distress clients and I work towards understanding, I often hear clients say “my esteem is low because I hate how I look – I am overweight, I am fat.”  This narrative is linked to being loved, and loveable; valued, and valuable, productive, and successful. 

I have long held the belief that how and why you eat has been linked to your emotional heritage.  Professor Julia Buckroyd has endorsed this thinking and her work follows decades of research into why people eat the way they do.

I know from personal experience that diets fail is because they are restrictive and shaming and very much focussed on the food you eat.  Restriction and shame are the very things that bring clients to counselling and the associated emotions are projected into whichever is the diet of choice.  Can you see how counterproductive this can be if you have experienced disruption in your emotional background?

Working with me on Understanding Your Eating, you will experience a different approach, with no focus on what you eat. The emphasis is entirely on you and how and why you eat the way you do. Working in small groups for safety and more personal attention to give you the best experience, we will explore your journey through your eating patterns and what that is doing for you. It is a structured programme that requires your commitment in the group and outside of it and to forego any desire to restrict and control your eating.    

If this sounds like something that would be refreshing and innovative to you, please get in touch. 

To find out more about the research and the programme: http://www.understandingyoureating.co.uk/page0/index.html

One to one counselling session are unaffected and as always, I assure you of my best attention.