The Ugly Truth

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Every thought, memory, or idea.

Every dream, daydream, or nightmare.

Every ache, pain, sickness, or disease.

Every lust, love, desire, and passion.

Every posture, frown, clenched fist, or folded arms.

Every sound, music, and song.

Every taste, smell, thirst, or craving.

Every breath.  Shallow or deep.  Fast or slow.

Every feeling, sensation, touch, or sting.

Every conflict, argument, fight, or despair.

Every sacrifice, risk, regret, or reticence.

Every jibe, joke, or provocation.

Every choice you ever made, and all those that you didn’t.

Every mask chosen, secret kept, or ugly truth spoken.

You have all the information you need.

To tell the story of why you are the way you are.


Speak of it all.

Kathy Ellis Counselling 2022

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